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Software tools for AV Verification & Validation

We are developing our core technology and moving to running pilot projects with customer organisations.

We would welcome collaborations with AV development organisations to help with their verification & validation tools and processes.

Please contact us to find out more.

Technical consulting in Automated Driving technologies

Our team has extensive experience collaborating with customers in

industry and the public sector to provide

expert, independent consultancy.

Our areas of expertise include:

simulation copy.png

Simulation engineering

Simulation for:

  • Modelling of complex non-linear systems - example

  • Rapid prototyping of control algorithms

  • System analysis, design and target setting

  • Verification & validation

  • Code generation

Application experience:

  • Truck and car platooning

  • Adaptive Cruise Control

  • Urban automated driving

Simulation packages used:

  • MATLAB, Simulink, Stateflow

  • CarMaker

  • LGSVL with Apollo

  • ROS

Software development

Software developed:

  • Control algorithms

  • Embedded software

  • Software development tools

Machine learning

  • Data analysis

  • Optimisation

  • Data visualisation

Application experience:

  • Trajectory planning & control

  • Bridging software for co-simulation

Languages and tools:

  • Python, MATLAB

  • SciKit Learn, Keras

  • C, C++

  • Version control (Git, SVN)

  • Docker


Systems engineering

Model-based systems engineering:

  • Requirements and Use Case defintion and capture

  • System architecture and subsystem interface design for safety-critical and cyber-resilient systems

  • Verification and validation process

Application experience:

  • Urban robotaxi

  • Truck platooning

  • Automated freight

Tools and methods used:

  • SysML, UML

  • Simulink